Netstrap Remote Executor Set

Remote Executor
- is a set of internet secure tools for remote control. This utility affords an opportunity to make shells on a host machine of
temporary activation or single-time run of services and tasks like pcANYWHERE, FTP-daemon etc. or on-the-fly changes and backups. It provides a new and more safe method of the remote managing.


 Application   Protocol   Functions 
  WebRun CGI - Standard (32 bit only) and WinCGI (16 and 32 bit) 1) Runs/terminates applications on the host computer with active web server through CGI potocol from browser on remote computer

2) Creates/modifies (local only) call patches for own and TelRun usage
  TelRun TelNet-compatible server (16 and 32 bit) with one connection and one listening/rejection socket Runs/terminates applications on the host computer through TelNet-like potocol from TelNet-like application on remote computer
  ViaTray None, local only, 32 bit only Runs any applications on the host computer as Windows system tray applications. This provides an ultimate opportunity to terminate or rerun non-windowed applications without remote access to "Close Program" (Ctrl-Alt-Del) service

Current versions:

WebRun - Ver. 2.0, size - 35K (16 bit), 34K (32 bit)

TelRun - Ver 1.0, size - 12K (16 bit), 26K (32 bit)

ViaTray - Ver. 2.3, size - 25K

WM_QUIT poster - Ver 1.0, size - 4K (16 bit), 16K (32 bit)