Internet Binary Coding - the highest perfomance way to transfer binary data via the network. No more base-64. Here is really optimal algorithm set to care the ASCII transmission. Minimum data wasting at maximum program speed.

More than
two hours per day delivery time saving!
Video Picture Minimization - Translation algorithm for YUV/RGB channels with mixed mathematical (without patterns!) dithering and unsharp methods to minimize the delivered data. Keeps outlines 100% unchanged.

Up to 1.5 bit per color pixel before compression.
Uniformly Distributed Encryption - Hash (Digest) Function, Stream Cipher and Block Cipher with variable key length based on own extra fast pseudo random generator routine.
Remote Executor - a set of internet secure tools for remote control. This utility affords an opportunity to make shells on a host machine of temporary activation or single-time run of services and tasks like pcANYWHERE, FTP-daemon etc. or on-the-fly changes and backups. It provides a new and more safe method of the remote managing.
Bin To Win CGI - a small and fast 32bit console application that allows a Windows CGI applications (8bit, 16bit or 32bit) to run as a STANDARD CGI applications on Win32-based Web Servers.
FTPCGI - a Win16/Win32 CGI webmanager for the most useful file and folder related operations.
ForePost - a tiny mail forwarding server (SMTP) with a lot of additional features.
PolyNym - a small STANDARD CGI application that gives a virtual hosts opportunity to Win32-based HTTP/1.0 Web Servers.
ResiDNS - a tiny and fast DNS server that can be the best local solution for the multihost Web Servers.
NSHookup - all needed nslookup functions with finding authoritative name servers.

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